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So its been a while since we updated our blog, yes we've heard the complaints so here goes a massive entry all in one go, all about wonderfull Mexico - hmmm i think that almost rhymed...
So after a 6 hour delay in Vegas (spent lying on the airport floor with all our luggage because we couldn't check it in till 3 hours before the flight) we finally arrived in Mexico city in the middle of the night.
Waking up in hour kookie hotel right in the heart of downtown mexico was a slight culture shock after the massive glitzy hotels of the Vegas strip and we were immediately swallowed up by people - Mexico city is we've been told by several tour guides the most populated city in the world or something. I vaguely remember 20 million people - basically australia in a city.
We had 5 days there - saw some cathedrals, went out and made friends with some mexican cover bands, found almost every diego riviera museum we could find and made the pilgrimmage to Frida and Diego's house in one of the most beautifull suburbs of Mexico city.
We also went to Teoti.... some ruins just outside of mexico city which we were dissapointed to find out were only 15% real but proceeded to climb all 3 pyramids nonetheless.
at the end of staying in Mexico city we met up with the Gap group that we were doing the tour with who all turned out to be a great bunch, we were definately sad to see them go at the end.
So with the group we started to make our way into central Mexico staying at some awesome little towns and villages along the way, travelling mostly by bus.
From Oaxaca we went to a Zapoteca (Indian) reservation, swam in salt water springs in the mountains overlooking a valley and petrified waterfall, and walked up a mountain along a very hot and windy road to some ruins at Monte Alban.
We also visited a rather interesting town called San Christobal which is best described as a mini european village in the middle of Mexico populated by French hippie tourists that decided never to leave - or brush their hair.
We went to some traditional mayan villages - in San Juan we actaully saw a chicken being sacrificed in their church by chance which was fairly amazing and a little confrontational, pretty sure we all looked away before the neck was broken.
We also spent a few nights in the Jungle in Palenque and went to i think the best ruins we saw in all of Mexico - right in the middle of the jungle it looked like something out of Jurassic park and sounded like it too with Howler monkeys making dinosaur noises in the background. You could climb all the pyramids and even see some of the original reliefs and stucco at the tops - pretty wow.
From there we went to Merida, and visited the local ceynotes which are like sink holes underground, basically you catch a horse drawn cart whcih runs along rail tracks into the middle of nowhere and climb down a ladder into an underground caves with crystal clear water you can swim in and bats and stallectites up above.
very special.
I (Charlie) even jumped from above the ground into one of them and after stepping off and realising just how far it was till i hit the water could be heard screaming 'fuck' the whole way down.
On the way to i think it was Merida we stopped at Chichen Itza - now up for one of the wonders of the world, although i have to say not the most impressive ruins we had seen by far, but probably one of the most famous in Mexico - its the one where on the equinox you can see the shadow of the snake climb around the pyramid.
From Merida we finally made it to the beach! which was a blessing as it was damn hot and humid the whole way along. We ended the tour in Playa del Carmen, where the tourists and prices tripled. We had a birthday celebration night there for a couple of the people from our tour and got pinyatas (spelling?) and tequilla and had an awesome last night, which we all regretted the next day.
After we said goodbye to our fellow travellers me leon and woods headed off to Cancun on our lonesome where we stayed downtown for a few nights before heading to Isla Mujeres for a night which was a small island about 45 minutes by ferry from Cancun. I think we all wished we could have spent a few more nights there, the whole place had a really good atmosphere - despite having no doors on the bathroom to Woody's horror.
And thats it. From the island we are now in Chicago - the windy and bloody cold city. but i'll save those stories for another entry.
Love to you all from all of us xoxo

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LA, San Diego and Las Vegas fun!!


Sorry about the delay guys, but we've finally found a computer to update our blog on. A lots happened since our last entry, our first stop was in LA. We stayed in two hostels there, one on hollywood blvd and the other on melrose. Both were really great. We went out heaps to all the famous bars like the viper room (owned by jonny depp and river pheonix died out the front). all the cool looking night clubs wouldn't let us in, we obviously didn't look rich and beautiful enough! We went on a tour and saw all the movie stars homes (tom cruise, lucille ball, madonna etc)
So we did all the theme parks aswell, had a ball at disney land and universal studios. We did EVERY ride at both places to get out moneys worth!


After 9 days in LA we moved on to sandiego for a week. We went to the san diego zoo, bikeriding along the beaches, and to tijuana (mexico) which was only a 45 min ride from san diego. Woods had her birthday there and we went out for dinner along the beach. We found a pub that claimed to be 'australian' but turned out to only have fosters on tap and a few boomerangs and the rest of the place was filled with american sporting pictures.

Tijuana was not very exciting as it was very touristy, the only good thing we found was $1 caronas and $1 tacos. We went with a guy from england we met called richard, and we bought a bucket of 10 caronas for $10!!!


We flew out from LA into Las vegas at the 5 star hotel called 'the wynn' which was fantastic. Charlies dad spoiled us rotten and looked after us while he was there. We saw david copperfield on the first night, and cirque de soliel 'love' on the second night. They were both fantastic. We also visited the play boy lounge and hung out with some playboy bunnies. We spotted adam sandler having a gamble there. We also did a limo ride down the strip in a stretch hummer which was great fun and visited the coyote ugly bar.


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Drive down Highway 1 (San Fran to LA)


So we hired a car in San Fran and decided to take three days to drive down highway 1 along the coast to LA. The trip didn't start off on the best note with us driving over Leon's backpack and killing his camera and sunglasses (oops!). We then decided to name our car 'Stampy' in memory of this event. The views along the coast were really beautiful


We stayed in a dodgy motel in Carmel on the first night then the next day we drove to Hearst Castle and did a tour there. The house was unbelievable (the house behind us is only the biggest guest house, not the actual castle which was insanely huge)


We then broke all speed limits to get to Santa Barbara by night. We had a great night out with the youth hostel we stayed in getting us two for one drinks at a local bar. The drink you see below is named 'the party bucket' and it certainly started the party, and also ended the party for leon and charlie who stumbled home later that night.


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The windy road

Today Charlie and Leon visited the Vivienne Westwood exhibit at the local museum and toured through the Golden Gate Bridge Park.

Later we all headed out to the windy road, which is a very windy road indeed. The thing that will stick in our mind is the steep hills leading up and down the street, which is prob why they built such a silly road in the first place

We've hired a car to drive down Highway 1 to LA. Leon has bravely volunteered to drive us out of the city onto the highway, where we will be driving right on the edge of cliffs. We'd better make sure we drive on the right side of the road!

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Nappa Valley San Fran


Today we were very spoilt and were taken to the Nappa Valley by Lisa (charlies family friend) and her boyfriend John. John is a wine distributor and is very familiar with nappa so he organised a vip tour of one of the Tattinger winery which is a french company.


We then got taken to a very very nice restaurant for lunch and went to a few more wineries before heading home after a long and filling day!

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