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castro street, san fran


Today we hit castro street which is the big gay district of San Francisco. Leon went shopping there during the day to check it out for us:


Then we all went out drinking there during the night. it was by far the best night we've had out in San Fran. We had a ball and got lots of attention for being Austrlians. Charlie and Woods were one of the few girls in most of the bars but this resulted in several free drinks for them so it all ended up well. Below is a picture of one of the many people we met that night.



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today we took the ferrie to alcatraz we did a walking tour then saw inside the cells, it was good but long and cold, leon complained so we put him in solitary confinement and turned him on his side
after we got back from alcatraz we took a walk through pier 39, pretty cheesy touristy stuff but we tasted our first american pretzel, it was pretty much like bread but sweet

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our first night out in san fran

We started our night at a swanky gallery opening in the city (with free wine) then headed downtown to valencia for some food and made an exciting discovery of 2 DOLLAR BEERS at the dodgy cheap italian where we had dinner with massive bowls of pasta. not sure if the cheap beer will continue but we can only hope.
our good beer fun ended quickly with the taste of our first local beer
but the night ended well playing pool and chilling at the local

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First day in San Fran


Family friend of charlie's - Lisa, picked us up from the airport and took us back to her swanky san fran pad, just 5 mins from city centre with 4 storeys! we are staying with her for 7 nights. After dragging our heavy arse suitcases up the many flights of stairs she took us on a driving tour of San Fran so we could get our barings.
We saw the golden bridge
and even the house used in Mrs Doubtfire

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Our First Plane Trip

all seasons in one day -33 °C

Hullo all from the US of A!
we arrived today after a very uneventfull plane trip involving a 3 hour delay in Sydney...
Woods won most heavy suitcase award of 25kg followed closely by charlie with 22kg, leon, forever stylish had a suitable 19kg. The movies were good, food bad and seats cramped. Sleep was had by none.

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