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Madrid / Granada / Seville

After a sad farewell to Liv, the four was reduced to three again and headed to Madrid, a beautifull city with statues, old squares, amazing parks and even greater art, with the worlds best post office:
From Madrid they did a day trip to the medieval walled city; Toledo, home to El Greco and famous for its marzipan made by nuns, which was rather tasty.
After Madrid, they took the train to Granada too see the Alhambra; an Islamic fortress and Palace. It really was quite incredible.
Granada turned out to be a bit of a favourite city amongst our travellers and after wandering around its cobbled streets and tiny market streets they headed out for a night of drinking with free tapas for every drink, yes thats right, Granada´s lovely bars actually give you your choice of free tapas with EVERY drink. This of course turned into a rather massive night of drinking and eating that shall not be forgotten.
From Granada, a very hung over train journey was taken to Seville. Where Charlie and Leon caught a bull fight in supposedly the worlds oldest bull ring (Charlie didn´t get it). Leon also took a trip to Cordoba as he had already been to Seville and Charlie and Woods walked around the city to see the sights including the worlds largest cathedral, a mini version of the Alhambra - the Alcazar and Plaza Espana.

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La Tomatina / Valencia

From San Sebastian, Liv, Leon, Woods and Charlie took the train to Valencia to prepare for La Tomatina.
Due to late booking we sadly missed out on any available hostels and unfortunately had to stay in a hotel with not only a pool, free buffet breakfast and our own tennis court sized balcony but also our own kitchen, two bedrooms a sitting room and yes count them - TWO bathrooms. We were very sad indeed.
We had heard that la tomatina could get a bit rough so on the day we all donned our white shirts and strapped our shoes to our feet and headed off at 6am to get there early enough for a good spot.
Little did we realise that getting the good spot would soon be Woody and Charlie´s downfall. despite warnings we were not prepared for the mayhem that was la tomatina. After about 10 minutes of fun waterfights and throwing the odd tomato, the local boys got a little out of control, and after half an hour of pushing and struggling to get out, woods and charlie emerged, clothes and ego´s torn to shreds, tomato´d and limping went directly to the nearest bar, got 2 giant beers and collapsed.
Meanwhile Leon and Liv clutched to eachother to survive and watched the tomato trucks roll by as they were waterlogged by the firehoses just above them.
After spending the rest of the day at the pool recovering, the next day they all set out to see Valencia, which turned out to consist of a search of the Holy Grail (and not a whole lot else). The Holy Grail was made of amber and gold but as we all know who have seen Indiana Jones it clearly wasn´t the humble wooden chalice, shame catholic church shame, you have chosen incorectly...

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San Sebastian - Spain

In the eyes of Jesus, Woods, Leon, Charlie, Liv and Kate overindulged in the 1 euro 1.5 litre bottles of Sangria whilst in this cute beachside village.
When not lying in bed complaining of sangria induced migraines they headed to the beach (voted the best city beach by the lonely planet, go san sebastian) and soaked up the serenity with their el cheapo home-made bocadillos

From San Sebastian they also did a daytrip out to Bilbao which was filled with people for their local festival that none of us can remember the name.
We also checked out the famous Guggenheim while there and Leon and Liv even managed to fit in a bullfight.

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Paris / Bordeaux - weekend trip

After our last night in Barcelona, the five travellers went their separate ways; Kate to Bilbao, Kath and Liv to Paris, and Leon and Charlie headed to Bordeaux (having already done Paris).

Kath and Liv had a whirlwind three days in Paris, arriving very early in the morning after a uncomfortable sleep on the overnight train. First stop was the eiffle tower to beat the touristy queues.
They then continued on to spend the day walking around Paris seeing the rest of the sights (including running into steve martin filming the sequel to the pink panther film).

On Day two they headed out to versailles to bask in the luxury of french royalty with mary antoinette



Charlie and Leon headed to wine country - Bordeaux only to find it freezing cold and pissing down with rain.
The city was quite beautifull however and the next day they got down to business and went on a winery tour of the area sneaking quite a few extra tasting glasses as they went.
While they were in the area, they also decided to take a look at La Rochelle, a beach town not far from Bordeaux where it was also pissing down with rain, but they managed to escape it by heading to the cities many medieval towers with tiny tiny spiral stairs (the most fascinating you will ever see according to our friendly guide).

After 3 days of being apart, they could stand it no longer and each made their way back to the five and met up in San Sebastian in Basque Country.

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After working in London for a couple of months (and Charlie´s minitrip to Eastern Europe with her mama) we regrouped and arrived in sunny Barcelona the start of our European adventures.
On the first day we did a tour of Gaudi´s Barcelona starting with Casa Battlo, the ¨Most amazing house you have ever been in¨with the ¨most amazing room¨and ¨sink you will never forget¨- according to the audioguide woman.
It was actually pretty amazing and so was Sagrada Familia - the Cathedral that is still being built today after many decades. We then walked to the Hospital he designed and Park Guell with its awesome mosaics and views over the city.
The next day we took a day trip to Tarragonna, the Roman capital of Spain.
It was leading up to festival time so there were decorations everywhere.
Tarragona was beautiful with roman ruins around every cobblestoned corner and a massive amphitheatre overlooking the sea.
That night we decided to head to the local festival and experienced our first sangria fuelled night the festival was fun but the sangria was awesome!
We stumbled home in the wee hours only to discover that LEON had lost the door code to our hostel so thanks to Woods´belly we had to spend a night on the marble waiting for someone to let us in.
Leon has not yet been forgiven...
We also visited the Gothic area of the city, wandered down las Ramblas and sampled the market food.
So far loving the cheap tapas and set menus.

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